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Bash User Bash User Brew User Brew User Kubernetes User Kubernetes User Windows User Windows User

Bash using Mac or Linux

Install on Docker

$ curl -L https://git.io/meshery | PLATFORM=docker bash -

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Install on Kubernetes

$ curl -L https://git.io/meshery | PLATFORM=kubernetes bash -

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Brew User:

Install on Mac or Linux using Homebrew:

$ brew tap layer5io/tap $ brew install mesheryctl $ mesheryctl system start

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Kubernetes User:

Using mesheryctl

mesheryctl system context create k8s -p kubernetes -s mesheryctl system start

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Don't have `mesheryctl`? Install with Bash, Brew, or Scoop.

Using Helm

kubectl create ns meshery helm repo add meshery https://meshery.io/charts/ helm install meshery meshery/meshery -n meshery

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Not a Helm user? Use the Meshery manifests directly.

Using Manifests

$ git clone https://github.com/layer5io/meshery.git; cd meshery $ kubectl create ns meshery $ kubectl -n meshery apply -f install/deployment_yamls/k8s

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Windows User:

Using Scoop

$ scoop bucket add mesheryctl https://github.com/layer5io/scoop-bucket.git $ scoop install mesheryctl

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Using Binary

Not a Scoop user? Download and unzip the mesheryctl binary directly from the Meshery releases page.

Add mesheryctl to your PATH for ease of use. Then, execute:

$ mesheryctl system start

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There is no step 2. Login and manage service meshes!