Adopt and operate all cloud native infrastructure with confidence using Meshery's management features.

  • Lifecycle

  • Manage all your cloud native infrastructure
  • Discover, configure, visualize, validate and troubleshoot your existing Kubernetes clusters
  • Deploy and operate cloud native infrastructure
  • Use known cloud native
  • Configuration

  • Operates with best practices
  • Built-in industry patterns and known best practices
  • Apply custom configuration to Kubernetes clusters
  • Manage WebAssembly filters for Envoy
  • Version your infrastructure configuration designs
  • Visualize and dry-run your deployment with MeshMap
  • Apply well-known cloud native designs
  • Performance

  • Assess the performance of your cloud native infrastructure
  • Distributed performance analysis supporting 3 different types of load generators
  • Built-in statistical analysis of service latency quartiles
  • Import your existing Grafana dashboards. Ingest any metric from Prometheus
  • Create and share performance profiles and test results with team members.
  • Identify the MeshMark of a specific network function
  • Baseline and track deltas of your workload performance
Service Mesh Performance (SMP)

Use the Service Mesh Performance standard

Weigh the value of your service mesh features in-context of it's overhead.

Service Mesh Performance Project

performance tests run!

The Extensible Management Plane

Plug in different service meshes, load generators and providers.

Meshery is not just an application. It is a set of microservices where the central component is itself called Meshery. Integrators may extend Meshery by taking advantage of designated Extension Points. Extension points come in various forms and are available through Meshery’s architecture.

Design and Visualize your Infrastructure withMeshMap

MeshMap enables all cloud native management operations from `mesheryctl` to Meshery's web-based user interface in visually interactive topology. Designing and configuring your service mesh is as easy as dragging and dropping. Learn more about MeshMap here.

Cloud NativeCatalog

Discover top-quality cloud native services for your infrastructure with the Cloud Native Catalog Discover best practices and upgrade your Kubernetes management practices.