Meshery Helm Repository

Contained in the Meshery Helm repository are two charts one of which contains many subcharts:

Chart Contents

  • Meshery chart with subcharts for each Meshery Adapter.
  • Meshery Operator chart, which can be independently installed using mesheryctl, helm, or installed by Meshery Server.

See the repository's full index of Meshery and Meshery Operator Helm Charts.

Helm-based Installations

  1. Install Meshery on Kubernetes using Helm. Deploy Meshery in Kubernetes in-cluster. (docs)
  2. Install Meshery on Kubernetes using Meshery CLI. Deploy Meshery in Kubernetes in-cluster (or out-of-cluster). (docs)
  3. Connect Meshery Server to a Kubernetes cluster and Meshery Server will install Meshery Operator automatically.

Customizing Meshery’s Installation with values.yaml

Meshery’s Helm charts support a number of configuration options. Please refer to the Meshery Helm chart README and Meshery Operator Helm chart README for more information.

Chart Source

The source for these charts is located in the meshery/meshery repository under install/kubernetes/helm.