What this pattern does:

This YAML file defines a Kubernetes Deployment for the mysql-operator in the mysql-operator namespace. The deployment specifies a single replica of the operator to manage MySQL instances within the cluster. The operator container uses the image container-registry.oracle.com/mysql/community-operator:8.4.0-2.1.3 and runs the mysqlsh command with specific arguments for the MySQL operator.

Caveats and Consideration:

1. Single Replica: Running a single replica of the operator can be a single point of failure. Consider increasing the number of replicas for high availability if supported. 2. Image Version: The image version 8.4.0-2.1.3 is specified, ensuring consistent deployments. Be mindful of updating this version in accordance with operator updates and testing compatibility. 3. Security Context: The security context is configured to run as a non-root user (runAsUser: 2), with no privilege escalation (allowPrivilegeEscalation: false), and a read-only root filesystem (readOnlyRootFilesystem: true). This enhances the security posture of the deployment. 4. Environment Variables: Sensitive information should be handled securely. Environment variables such as credentials should be managed using Kubernetes Secrets if necessary. 5. Readiness Probe: The readiness probe uses a file-based check, which is simple but ensure that the mechanism creating the /tmp/mysql-operator-ready file is reliable.


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