What this pattern does:

This YAML configuration defines a Kubernetes Deployment for the prometheus-adapter, a component of the kube-prometheus stack within the monitoring namespace. The deployment manages two replicas of the prometheus-adapter pod to ensure high availability. Each pod runs a container using the prometheus-adapter image from the Kubernetes registry, configured with various command-line arguments to specify settings like the configuration file path, metrics re-list interval, and Prometheus URL.

Caveats and Consideration:

1. Namespace: Ensure that the monitoring namespace exists before deploying this configuration. 2. ConfigMap: Verify that the adapter-config ConfigMap is created and contains the correct configuration data required by the prometheus-adapter. 3. TLS Configuration: The deployment includes TLS settings with specific cipher suites; ensure these align with your security policies and requirements. 4. Resource Allocation: The specified CPU and memory limits and requests should be reviewed to match the expected load and cluster capacity. 5. Service Account: Ensure that the prometheus-adapter service account has the necessary permissions to operate correctly within the cluster


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