What this pattern does:

This infrastructure design defines two services within a system: 1. **Customer Service**: - Type: Customer - Version: 0.0.50 - Model: Jira Service Desk Operator - Attributes: This service is configured with specific settings, including an email address, legacy customer mode, and a name. It is categorized as a tool within the system.2. **Notebook Service**: - Type: Notebook - Version: 1.6.1 - Model: Kubeflow - Attributes: This service is categorized as a machine learning tool. It has metadata related to its source URI and appearance. These services are components within a larger system or design, each serving a distinct purpose. The Customer Service is associated with customer-related operations, while the Notebook Service is related to machine learning tasks.

Caveats and Consideration:

Make sure to use correct credentials for Jira service operator


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