• Pipelining Service Mesh Specifications

    Meshery Service mesh


    With growing adoption of service meshes in cloud native environments, service mesh abstractions - service mesh-neutral specifications - have emerged. Service Mesh Performance and Service Mesh Interface are two open specifications that address the need for universal interfaces for interacting with and managing any type of service mesh. Let’s examine what each specification provides.

  • Validating SMI Conformance with Meshery

    Smi conformance

    SMI Conformance Checklist

    With the increasing adoption of Service Mesh Interface by what is a vibrant and diverse community of both service mesh providers and ecosystem integrators, the need for verification and validation of SMI implementations is clear. We’re still counting, however, as of this writing SMI has been adopted by more than 10 of the available service meshes and ecosystem tools. As you can see on the service mesh landscape, the last few significant, new service mesh project / product announcements have proclaimed SMI compatibility from the start. Validating consistency of these implementations is key to upholding the value of SMI itself.