• Simplifying Cloud Infrastructure and Kubernetes Management

    Meshery Open source

    In the world of cloud computing and Kubernetes-based infrastructure, managing and optimizing resources can be complex and time-consuming. Meshery emerges as a powerful platform that simplifies cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes management, enabling organizations to streamline their operations. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Meshery and how it empowers organizations to efficiently manage their cloud infrastructure.

  • Meshery v0.7

    Meshery Open source

    v0.7.0 is the latest and most significant release of Meshery, the CNCF’s cloud native manager. Included in this release is GitOps-enablement, a complete GraphQL API (in addition to the REST API), completely new CLI commands, a number of new resources with an internal capabilities registry, 200+ new integrations, and much more is now generally available.