Google Season of Docs 2020 and Layer5

      What is Layer5 Community?

      While small, the Layer5 community represents the largest collection of service mesh projects and their maintainers in the world. We build projects to provide learning environments, deployment and operational best practices, performance benchmarks, create documentation, share networking opportunities, and more. Our shared commitment to the open source spirit pushes Layer5 projects forward. New members are always welcome.

      Is it Open Source?

      Layer5 projects are open source software. Anyone can download, use, work on, and share it with others. It's built on principles like collaboration, globalism, and innovation. Layer5 projects are distributed under the terms of Apache v2.

      Google Season of Docs

      Google Season of Docs gives technical writers an opportunity to work with open source projects. Layer5 is participating in the Season of Docs in 2020. See below for a list of project ideas.


    Our goal is to have helpful, consistent, and integrated tutorials for contributors, and readers of API reference docs.
  • - Use the [Swaggo] to generate the API Endpoint documentation.
  • - Use any open-source training track tool to create tutorial for Meshery and performance management.
  • - Update the contribution documentation and create an user guide for Meshery.

What you'll learn

    A writer who takes on this project will learn:
  • - How to work with stakeholders in open source projects
  • - How to work with different open-source tools to create training tutorials
  • - How to work with different service meshes & service mesh architecture
  • - How to create and render beautiful API docs

Project Ideas

The following is a list of project ideas for Layer5's participation in Google Season of Docs.

API Documentation

Improve Meshery's Documentation
- Prepare Meshery's API Endpoint Documentation using Swagger.
- Facilitate a documentation that provides developer playground and test interactions.

Developer / Contributor Framework

User Tutorials
- Create structured, hands-on user tutorials that walk users through various user flows (similar to
- Participate in the design of a dynamic framework for developers to use to ensure that error codes presented to users include a common set of metadata (e.g. a unique error code, description, likely cause, and suggested remediations)
- Identify and enforce standardized release notes practices.
Set of Project Docs
- Design and create a complete set of User Guide, Admin Guide, Install and Upgrade Guide, Developer Guide, and so on.
- Identify opportunities for improvements in current documentation website.

Program Maintainers