Ready to take your open source journey to the next level? We’re thrilled to announce an exciting update for all Layer5 users and contributors: the launch of our improved recognition program! 🎉🎈

Our users and contributors have always been celebrated at Layer5. Each participation milestone you achieve and every uplifting community interaction contributes to our shared mission of empowering engineers.

Every aspect of what we do revolves around our users and contributors. We are thrilled to unveil our latest initiative that celebrates and rewards our invaluable users and contributors – Layer5 Badges!

What Are Layer5 Badges?

These badges are a representation of your participation and milestones that you achieve together and in solidarity with the Layer5 community. Badges are how users demonstrate their prowess with the projects and how contributors identify their ownership, dedication, and skills. There are several badges each representing a specific user achievement or contributor skill.

Layer5 Badges are a tangible way for us to recognize and honor the exceptional efforts put forth by our contributors and the milestones achieved by our users. These badges are a symbol of your dedication, commitment, and passion for making a positive impact within the Layer5 community and projects. They serve as a testament to the hours spent using, coding, testing, documenting, and collaborating.

Layer5 Badges are more than just virtual tokens; they represent the values we hold dear – openness, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Each badge is a unique recognition of the different roles and responsibilities you take on, reflecting your growth as a contributor and your journey within the Layer5 ecosystem.

Why Are Badges Important?

Contributors are the lifeblood of open-source projects, and Layer5 is no exception. Your contributions, large or small, shape the evolution of our projects, drive innovation, and foster a culture of shared learning. Layer5 Badges aims to acknowledge the diverse ways in which you contribute, ensuring that your dedication does not go unnoticed.

Whether you’re a power user, an experienced developer, a meticulous documenter, an outreach champion, or a supportive community member, there’s a badge that reflects your unique contributions. These badges are our way of saying “thank you” for making Layer5 what it is – a thriving ecosystem of knowledge exchange and collaborative development.

  • Recognition: Badges provide tangible recognition for your hard work and commitment. They showcase your achievements and highlight the areas where you’ve made a positive impact.
  • Motivation: Striving to earn badges can serve as a powerful motivator for every contributor. As you earn badges, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment, pushing you to set new goals and bring forth new ideas for the betterment of the Layer5 community.
  • Community Building: Badges help foster a sense of belonging among contributors. They encourage collaboration, healthy competition, and the sharing of knowledge and experience. We recognize such individuals as MeshMates.
  • Resume Boost: Your Layer5 badges can help you stand out in your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other professional platforms. They serve as concrete evidence of your expertise and your dedication to open source hence helping your personal growth.
  • Social Media Showcase: These badges can be shared on several social media platforms! Let your friends, family, colleagues, and your bosses know about your contributions, your journey, and your passion for cloud-native technology.

How Can I Earn Badges?

Earning Layer5 badges is both rewarding and straightforward. Each badge is tied to specific activities. For users, badges for activities such as using our projects, talking about the projects, sharing your successes and what you like about them. For contributors, badges include activities such as submitting code, assisting with documentation, participating in community events, and more. As you accumulate contributions in various areas, you’ll begin to unlock badges that showcase your multifaceted involvement.

These badges will be prominently displayed on your Layer5 community profile, visually representing your journey as a contributor. Not only does this serve as a source of personal pride, but it also helps others in the community recognize your expertise and dedication.

Project Badges

These are assigned by the admin to the user when a user contributes to a particular project.

Achievement Badges

These badges are assigned automatically when a user completes a task like sharing a design, creating a design for the first time, etc.

Earning Layer5 Badges is both exciting and achievable. As you continue to contribute to our projects, your accomplishments will be recognized with badges that reflect your dedication and expertise. Here are some ways you can earn Layer5 Badges:

How can I Share My Badge On My Profile

To share your badges on other social profiles, utilize the provided embedded code and direct share functionality. Access your badges from the Layer5 Cloud profile badges section, and then use it to post your achievements on social media platforms seamlessly. This enables you to showcase your Layer5 contributions and milestones to a wider audience.

For complete information about Layer5 Recognition Programme and badges , refer to Layer5 blog here .